We Partnered with Storyblok to Future-Proof Our Websites and Build Better Customer Experiences

Company News - 23.09.22
Blue graphic that includes the Storyblok logo to promote blog on Storyblok

Achieving the highest standards for our clients is paramount so it was a no-brainer to change to a CMS that would evolve with our clients’ needs. And Storyblok has been a game changer in making content creation easier while also delivering on speed, security and marketing agility. 

While ‘monolithic’ CMS such as WordPress dominate in overall usage, headless CMS is the fastest-growing segment of CMS and is gaining traction fast in the medium to large size enterprise space.

And get this. The company recently announced $47million in Series B funding led by investors Mubadala Capital and HV Capital. In the world of software as a service, that gives us huge comfort knowing that the startup we partnered with is not only here to stay but is set to build the CMS for the 21st century. 

To improve the CMS even further, founders Dominik Angerer and Alexander Feiglstorfer have just launched Storyblok V2 a faster and more powerful content management system jam-packed with new features. Leveraging the capability of this new modern CMS content creation and management is made even simpler.   

Key features of Storyblok V2 include: 

  • All New Visual Editor 

  • Improved Blocks Library: source blocks, edit and create components more easily. 

  • Interface Upgrades to manage content more efficiently 

  • New Commenting and Discussion System: creation, collaboration, discussion, and management all in one central place

Stand by for the technical bit. 

Unlike a traditional CMS, a headless CMS is a decoupled CMS which means the backend content is separated from the frontend (aka the design layer). Breaking this link allows for new designs to be created quickly – and we all want to find ways of working more effectively, right? 

Successfully dividing two CMS components functioning so interdependently on the other has been a game changer and has radically revolutionised how websites can be built and managed. And Storyblok has that wonderful scalability factor to add new inventive elements and functionalities in just a few clicks! 

Within the headless space, there are now many different software providers. We’ve assessed them all and our tool of choice continues to be the excellent solution offered by Storyblok. So when we pitch our services to clients we like to spell out its unique selling points. 

We were the first agency in Ireland to fully embrace the headless revolution and it is a key differentiator for us. And you can read a little of our Storyblok connection here featuring an interview with Storyblok’s VP of Partners at Storyblok Barry D’Arcy, who was a valued Together Digital team member for five years and is now doing stellar work at Storyblok helping to launch its unique Storyblok Partner Program. 

OK! Stand by for the sales-y bit: 

  • There are many advantages to partnering with Storyblok. But one key USP is the CMS system’s user-friendly interface. And it’s the only headless content management system with a Visual Editor allowing content creators who are not experts in coding to work editing the site independently of the developer enabling users to create pages on the fly! 

  • Storyblok's ease of maintenance is a real selling point too. Thanks to the separation of the frontend from the backend there is no need for the regular updates required to keep traditional CMS systems working. 

  • The modern CMS boasts superfast page speed. It uses Jamstack and API-first architecture designed to improve website performance, page load speed and scalability so there is no limit to the scope of any project. Goes without saying, faster websites rank better on Google. 

  • For content creators, Storyblok's content block structure is really useful. No experience in developing is required to be able to edit, implement or switch around blocks of content which can be customised to suit your content needs. And client assets, like images or videos, can be uploaded with ease. 

  • There's another key selling point – and that's security. Its serverless architecture mitigates the risk of hacking, providing companies with a strong security profile. Storyblok is ISO 27001 certified showing the CMS meets the highest international standards of security. See this link for more info on how Storyblok earned its certification:

  • As well as security benefits Storyblok is good for the environment! The CMS system has a lighter code base, there is less data to download and, as previously mentioned, its serverless architecture means that it uses very little energy and is a low-carbon website solution.

  • Storyblok’s cross-functional collaboration is another cool feature where the completion of a task can be carried out by a team of people, all with different skill sets and expertise, working in sync together.

  • The CMS platform also makes editing easy allowing editors to create, manage and publish content with the option to view preview changes before they go live on the site. 

  • And with no server required, ongoing monthly costs are reduced making the headless CMS platform cost-effective. 


Going ‘headless' didn't quite work out for Sean Bean in the fantasy series Game Of Thrones but in the digital world, the future is undeniably headless.

And we have fully embraced this platform. The modern, future-proof CMS allows us to be innovative and develop digital experiences, add new functionalities and build feature-rich pages in a fast, responsive and agile way. 

It is also one of the most secure, enterprise-grade solutions available, undergoing routine and robust vulnerability and penetration testing to ensure the platform is never compromised. And because Storyblok is a SaaS product upgrades are automatic – and at no extra charge.

From a team of just two people in 2019 Storyblok now has a global presence that is growing exponentially across 38 countries with 87,000 + developers and marketers all using Storyblok to create their own digital experiences. And it would seem their story is just getting started…