Export Strategy

The Export Challenge

Exporting can be extraordinarily profitable however it can also be fraught with extraordinary challenges. Even if your business is killing it on the domestic market, that does not mean you will automatically enjoy the same success overseas. 

The early success of most B2B firms is often driven by a highly sales-led approach that emphasises relationship building and networking. So, sales activity is the main focus with marketing playing a secondary role.

This approach can be replicated in new markets but it can be constrained by the requirement for ‘boots on the ground’ and the associated costs. Therefore, the emphasis tends to switch to a much more marketing-led approach and thus the need for a solid digital strategy to support your expansion.

The key is to execute a digital strategy that builds credibility from a distance first so that any resulting sales funnel engagements have the maximum conversion rate. 

Even the best product/service propositions can fail through low conversion rates at the bottom of the sales funnel. The cost of supporting the sales activity becomes unsustainable and the business retreats back to its domestic market.

Building Your Strategy 

So for B2B firms that want to export here’s a quick checklist of how a digital strategy will make the most significant impact:  

  • Investing in market research will help you understand your target audience. 

  • Optimising your website for international sales will yield positive results.

  • Adapting the language of your search engine interface will work for different locations.

  • Localising your content with country-specific references will build customer trust. 

  • Tailoring your SEO strategy to your target region will make your website seen by search engines.  

  • We have years of experience in helping businesses expand internationally using myriad ways to resonate with audiences abroad. 

  • Delivering a high-converting website.

  • Using demand generation to increase customer engagement. 

  • Ongoing content creation to build credibility.

  • Email marketing to nurture leads. 

Export for Success

Having a strong reputation on home soil won’t travel far so it’s important to understand the value of a high-performing website and to see it as your most valuable marketing tool. 

We cannot emphasise enough how important a strong web presence is for growing your business abroad. You will not succeed abroad if your site is not visible through a web search or if a client is presented with a poor-performing, slow-loading cluttered site that fails to outline your value propositions clearly. 

A clean, modern, fast-loading professional website will leave a positive impression showing that your business operates to the highest standards and will provide potential clients with the assurance they need to know you are a good company to do business with.

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