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Our design team consists of specialists in various design disciplines. We take the time to understand who you are and what you want to achieve.

A clear, consistent brand that works well in all applications is crucial to business success.

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Review your strengths and weaknesses versus your competitors

If you want your business to stay relevant, you need a brand audit. It will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and help to evaluate your position in the competitive marketplace.

A full brand audit includes things like identifying your company mission, redefining your USPs, and who your target customers are. We use website analytics to assess valuable insights on customer habits and behaviours and to understand how effective your social media marketing is. 

Reimagine your brand for the next chapter in your story

A quality logo is key to making a strong impression and is just the beginning of creating a great brand identity. The more recognisable your logo, the more authority it has in the marketplace.

As your business evolves over time, your company logo will also benefit from a redesign to avoid appearing outdated. We recommend updating your logo every five years.

Describe why you exist and what you believe in

A powerful brand message will leverage all aspects of your digital strategy and clarify your message so that customers will pay attention.

Clear high-level messaging helps customers understand who you are and how your business will satisfy their needs.

We build design assets for every stage of sales and recruitment funnels

We use compelling visuals to tell the story of your business. Graphics are powerful tools to engage customers and influence them in their decision-making process moving them along your sales and recruitment funnels quicker. 

We can also offer digital design services for brochures and email newsletters.

One-to-one interviews with existing customers to add external input to branding work

Understanding your customers and how they behave is key to your long-term success. But there is no silver bullet. It honestly takes time to collect and build a strong database of customer information.  

Once equipped with knowledge of prospective customers' wants and needs you can put into action a marketing strategy that speaks directly to them.

Brand assets and messaging that focuses on your internal communication strategy

Hiring the right people is critical to your company’s success and a strong employer brand will be highly effective in attracting the talent you want. Get the messaging right, and you'll soon find the best-fit candidates to turn into employees.

Employer branding will set you apart from your competitors and describe your reputation as an employer and a great place to work.

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"A good brand is a promise kept" - Muhtar Kent

If you are engaging with us for a wider digital strategy, you will save on workshop time as the same strategy team oversees the delivery of all services.

We also offer additional design services such as:

Slide Decks

Design Kits

Brand Guidelines

Custom Graphics



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