Integrated Marketing

Depending on where you look, you can get very different definitions of the term "integrated marketing”. We prefer the simplicity of this one:

"Integrated marketing is about mixing and matching marketing activities to maximise their individual and collective effect"

The practicalities of implementing an integrated marketing strategy also differ significantly whether you are a B2C or B2B marketer. Given our specialism in the B2B sector, we focus here on just B2B.

The channels of activities that we tend to bring together for a B2B integrated marketing plan are typically as follows:

Paid Media

  • Offline advertising (newspapers, trade publications)

  • Online advertising (Ads on search engines such as Google & Bing, Ads on Linkedin and other social channels)

Earned Media 

Owned Media

  • Posting on Linkedin and other social media

  • Direct email to existing customers and prospect lists

The key aims of a coordinated approach on the above channels are:

  • To have consistent messaging where possible across your entire sales funnel

  • To drive traffic to your website which is highly optimised to convert traffic to leads

  • To lift and maximise the performance of all of your marketing activities

In terms of our own framework approach, we strongly recommend that your website is as close to perfect as possible before pursuing an integrated marketing approach. If not, you will underperform on an ROI basis. This means:

  • Reviewing and validating each of your value propositions

  • Crafting proposition pages on your website that address the evaluation criteria of the likely three buyer types that you will encounter:

    1. Business buyer

    2. Financial buyer

    3. Technical buyer

  • Creating landing pages for specific campaigns and/or for more niche propositions

  • Validate the work with some simple test campaigns

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