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Headless is the world's fastest-growing website CMS technology. Here's why...


The underlying code is lighter and more efficient which means faster page load speeds. This in turn delivers better rankings, faster editing and improved UX.

More Secure

The CMS where your content is stored is separate to the website that is displayed to the user. This removes key website security threats such as SQL injection, ensuring peace of mind for your IT team.


Build, launch, and iterate quickly. Configure your CMS more precisely to your needs allowing for greater marketing agility.


The perfect solution when you expect your website to evolve over time or where you plan to expand on your content marketing efforts.

SEO Ready

Out-of-the-box, fast page load speed and optimised content ensure that your website passes key search engine performance tests. An increasingly important SEO rank factor.

Lower Carbon

An optimised hosting solution and lighter codebase mean that your website uses less electricity to serve web pages to users. Less electricity means a lower carbon footprint.

Website software that all of your team will love

Sales teams need all of their sales conversations fully supported by their company website. This means being able to present your sales propositions to your target audiences in the most appropriate way using different content formats, such as text, video and graphics. And, being able to continually adapt the messaging. Headless CMS technology makes that process easier and faster through the use of highly adaptable design components.

A faster, more agile CMS makes it so much simpler for marketing teams to set up, and then continually adapt, conversion-oriented website pages and landing pages. Easily adjust your content to better align with the evaluation criteria of ideal prospects. Give yourself the best chance of success with your SEO efforts. Finally, be prepared to say 'yes' to most website requests instead of always having to explain the limitations of your website technology!

IT teams love the enhanced security that headless website architecture delivers. A headless CMS significantly reduces your exposure to many cyberattacks such as SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, or a DDoS attack where your website could be taken offline. The headless CMS we use is SaaS, meaning you always have the latest and most up-to-date version. Say goodbye to PHP errors, broken plugins and manual CMS upgrades forever!

Editors can resize images on the fly and edit copy easily using the inline visual editor. Set up approval workflows within your CMS and say goodbye to email threads and updates on shared docs. A headless CMS allows for faster editing experiences, and the ability to manage content for multiple channels. It's also simple and quick to rollback to previous versions if you make a mistake.

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