Storyblok's Content Management System Boosts ROI by 582%

Company News - 31.03.23

We are excited to share the findings of Storyblok's Total Economic Impact (TEI) study as one of its partners. Using Storyblok's CMS resulted in cost savings, revenue growth, and productivity advantages, according to the TEI research by Forrester Consulting. 

Here are a few of the key takeaways: 

  • Companies can yield as much as a 582% Return on Investment when implementing and using Storyblok

  • Companies will make back their total investment in Storyblok within 6 months after implementation

  • Productivity is boosted by up to 3x when using Storyblok

Insights from Forrester Consulting's Study

The study revealed that using Storyblok's headless content management system (CMS) can help businesses realise a sizeable return on their investment.

It stated that businesses may anticipate a three-year return on investment of 582% identifying Storyblok's CMS's flexibility and ease of use as one of its main advantages. 

  • This helps boost productivity and shortens time-to-market

  • Also, linking with current technology, like eCommerce platforms and marketing automation tools increases revenue growth

As a Storyblok partner, we have witnessed firsthand the effect their CMS can have on the operations of our clients. We are happy to present the study's findings and encourage businesses to use Storyblok's CMS in order to realise substantial returns on their investments.

To learn more we recommend reading the most recent press release available on the Storyblok website and also checking out this link to download the whole report so you can fully understand how Storyblok can take your business to new heights.