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Marketers want the flexibility provided by headless to deliver superfast user experiences that support conversion goals

What is a headless CMS?

Compared to a traditional CMS, a headless CMS has two parts instead of one. In 'headless', the back-end content is separate to the design layer (front-end). You can easily add content to a content repository where an API then generates a static website.

It delivers unrivalled flexibility for marketers and designers.

Future-proof Solution

Headless is also built with SEO in mind. Google (and other search engines) are prioritising websites with fast page load speed.

Also, with the content separated, it can also be reused for other purposes - for example in web or native applications. It also means that a future website design refresh is a much simpler and less costly task.

What are the benefits of headless CMS?

Superfast pagespeed

Lighter code base - add more-high impact imagery/video
Faster websites rank better on Google
Better UX - no waiting for pages to load

Easy editing

Transform and resize images on the fly from within the CMS
Inline visual editing options
Rollback changes with an unlimited version history


Backend content is not coupled with the design layer. It’s completely portable.
Much greater flexibility to adapt front end design
Continually build your platform - it’s scalable and modular

It’s more eco-friendly

A lighter codebase means it’s friendlier to the environment
Less data to download
No server required!

Everyone on your team will love it

Headless CMS brings benefits to everyone in your organisation

Business Owners like it because

Marketers like it because

Content Editors like it because

IT Departments like it because

Business Owners like it because

  • Lower cost; cheaper to maintain and easier to build new functionality.

  • Develop innovative digital experiences in an agile way

  • Ease of delivery of personalised experiences to different markets, user types, geographies

  • Freedom to enable a wide range of use cases into the future.

Marketers like it because

  • Create landing pages on the fly, replicate variants for split testing

  • Easy to implement SEO - optimise pages, meta data, alt texts, speed performance, schema

  • Much less dependence on developers to make changes

Content Editors like it because

  • It’s visual editor, see your edits in real-time

  • Track changes and restore to any point in time. Deleted items can be restored

  • It’s extremely intuitive and easy-to-use

IT Departments like it because

  • It’s SaaS so it’s easy to maintain, no CMS patching or upgrading ever

  • High security profile, there is a lot less to hack, reduced risks

  • There are no servers to manage

Headless gives you

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See how it works

Metadata Editor

Version Control

Image Editing

Title Editor

Sites we have built using headless

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The reaction has been amazing and we are really delighted. We feel that the decisions that have been collectively made have now set a platform that will allow us to shout out loud about what we do, how we do it and what we can offer the construction industry. Ronan Smyth Commercial Director @ ESS Modular
Together Digital clearly are best in class when it comes to user experience around website redesign and data analytics. We are already using these insights to drive material improvements in our campaigns and cannot speak highly enough of the work they have performed for us to date. Donal Thornton Creative Manager @ Cairn Homes
We are now using Storyblok after transitioning from an old, derelict CMS which gives us much more control on our content and what we can do with our site. StoryBlok is intuitive and easy to navigate. Previews for desktop, tablet, or mobile helps us ensure our content is working the best it can be and we’re entirely mobile optimised. Laura Murphy Community & Content Coordinator @ Pieta

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  • Run through of how it works

  • Administration dashboards

  • SEO processes

  • Specific use cases

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