Strategy for Not-for-Profits

We understand that not-for-profit organisations require a digital strategy that can effectively support the organisational goals. 

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Funnels work differently in the NFP sector. Every challenge is different and almost always requires an entirely custom approach.

Success is less likely to be defined in terms of financial return.  We help establish your key deliverables and how to best measure these and other key performance indicators.

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sector focus charity

We work with:

sector focus charity
  1. Charities - clients such as Pieta House, Accord, Rutland Centre, Arc Cancer Care, Stewarts Care
  2. Member Organisations -  clients such as Irish Funds, ISHAA
  3. Sports Organisations - clients such as GAA Handball, Dublin GAA

Problems we solve

Fundraising funnel optimisation using data-backed strategy 
Membership retention and sustainable growth through marketing 
Engagement strategies for sports teams and communities
Integrations with ERP/CRM tools such as Salesforce, Sharepoint, Hubspot
Creation of custom applications to improve operational efficiencies
Intranets or extranets. Custom builds or off-the-shelf solutions 
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You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

Over 10 Years Experience