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Connecting a global congregation.

The Sisters of Mercy needed a fast and secure platform to communicate their message to their global congregation.

The Mercy World website houses over 5000 pages, 25000 assets, interactive tours, videos, prayer areas, an online bibliography, a library, and our custom browser newsletter.

This website houses over 5000 pages, 25000 assets, interactive tours, videos and more....

Top Performing Websites from Ireland's Leading Digital Agency.

We also helped redevelop Mercy eNews. An online resource for members, organisations and friends of Mercy.

In addition to being highly informative, each issue encourages interaction, with contact information to get in touch with Mercy leaders to discuss key issues and events.

In most cases, an email newsletter is delivered within the email client, posing limitations in the type of content that can be delivered.

Mercy eNews uses a revolutionary new method of delivering rich content to its subscribers. This browser-based newsletter can allow the user to digest audio and video in addition to traditional text-based content.

The objective was to create a seamless journey from the email client through to the Mercy site. With over 7,000 website pages, it was necessary to do this in a manner that maintained both functionality and intuitive site navigation.

The content of the newsletter is hosted directly on the Mercy World website in the eNews subdirectory. Each issue is delivered to subscribers via email, generating a snippet from the browser-based newsletter with a [branded] link back to the full page.

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