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Less is more.

Collen is an eight-generation, top-tier family-owned construction business founded in 1810 with a strong reputation for building quality and excellence.

The project objectives were to simplify the design, and messaging, and re-evaluate their value propositions for some new and existing sectors, with a view to increasing traffic to support their sales and recruitment funnels.

Collen invested in a headless CMS technology stack to future-proof their investment ensuring the website loads rapidly for a global audience allowing their internal team flexibility and agility to manage the website content without ongoing agency involvement.

Collen is a B2B company with an active focus on promoting its people.

Collage of mobile screens for Collen
Collon desktop and mobile homepage

It was important to promote a sense of family and personalisation to Collen’s clients and teams working in other countries.

During the strategy phase, we interviewed different teams within Collen to collate their needs and objectives. We began with wireframes to reflect back on different page structures and iterated those over several weeks.

The content for the website needed to be completely rewritten so it could align with the new clean, simplified, and modern look of the design.

The website is built using a Content Management System called Storyblok. This is a Vue.js-based headless CMS as a Service with a visual editor. Storyblok mitigates security risks by design, as such unauthorised third parties cannot access any data-holding areas because it is completely separate from the website displayed to the user resulting in significantly reduced exposure to attacks.

A digital refresh as Collen enters into their third century of business.

Collon desktop and mobile homepage

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