Tips and Tricks to Make Your Posts Stand Out

Marketing Advice - 22.04.16

We’re here to help you get your Facebook content out there in a better, more targeted and consistent manner.

Pin Posts

This tool might be of use to you if you want to promote events, special offers, crucial information or simply if you want your visitors to see a piece of content that you’re proud off. Once you pin a specific post it will stay at the top of your news feed, even if you post other content afterwards.

Carousel Your Posts

This is a creative way of getting more content out there per post. This trick can be easily viewed both on mobile and on desktop. When you post a link on your newsfeed, Facebook will automatically sync all the images that are available from this post. You can remove or add images as you wish. Bear in mind that the most favourable size for the carousel images is 600x600 pixels. 

Edit Headline and Summary Text

You can customise so many things in your posts, even the headline and the description. Customise these to generate your target audience’s interest.

Target Your Posts

This is another great tool to use when you want your content to be seen by the right audience; not many businesses use this option. However, with the change in the decline in Facebook’s organic reach, it’s definitely worth your time to check out this option. You can target people based on their gender, age, interests and much more. 

Schedule Posts

Scheduling posts is a brilliant feature to maintain consistency with your posting frequency. It means you don’t need to keep going in and out of the platform every time you want to post something, you can upload all the content for the month in one go. You can schedule events in advance, or time them to appear when your target audience is online or their most interactive.

When it comes to Facebook there are so many ways to get your content out there for free without you having to use the paid options. Whichever method you decide works best for you remember to keep your posts short (shorter is better according to 120 billion Facebook impressions that were analysed), size your photos correctly and don’t forget to analyse the data on your ‘insights’ page on Facebook.

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