The Starter Guide to YouTube Advertising

Marketing Advice - 06.07.17

First and Foremost

The internet is quickly overtaking television in becoming the most popular place to consume video content. Therefore, YouTube advertisements are becoming increasingly important. You might be wondering what are the general guidelines for advertising your business or product on YouTube.

This guide will take you through the basics of what you need to know. The first step is creating the content. To keep a YouTube user from skipping past the advertisement, it must be informative, engaging, and original.

Types of Video Ads

Uploading an advertisement to YouTube may sound simple, but there are actually quite a few rules and regulations that go along with it.

To start, there are two types of advertisements: Skippable and Non-Skippable. There are specific time requirements and limitations which must be considered for both types.


  • Maximum of six minutes long.

  • Users can skip after five seconds have passed.


  • Maximum of 15 seconds long.

  • Short bumper Ads memorable ads designed to increase reach and frequency, which can be up to 6 seconds long.

Making the Most of Your Ads

In any type of video advertisement, it is important to get your brand name in before the viewer can click skip or stop paying attention. Whether you only have 15 seconds or a full minute most people won’t pay attention for long. Humour is a great way to grab a viewer’s attention and keep them engaged. Repeat the brand name to increase brand awareness with a call to action. This gives the viewers a clear next step. Tactics such as music, celebrity endorsement, and voiceovers increase advertising effectiveness. A vast majority of users will skip an advertisement when given the option to so it is important to get your point across fast.

YouTube Ads & Remarketing

Remarketing is a very important tactic in the Digital Marketing world. Remarketing using YouTube Advertising leads to improved ROI, a broader scope, more efficient pricing, and better flexibility. Only Skippable Ads are permitted when using video remarketing on YouTube.

It is important to use refined targeting, various ad formats, detailed reports, and custom audiences to make the most out of your remarketing campaign on YouTube.

Tips for Optimisation

Once your video is up on YouTube it’s time to ensure you’re getting the most views possible. Monitoring your video will lead you to many insights. This can help you adjust your campaigns to get a higher view rate on your advertisements.

  • Click-Through Rate: If certain placements are underperforming it is important to recognize that and remove them from the campaign.

  • Narrowing Your Target Demographic: Adding exclusions will prevent your advertisement from showing certain viewers.

  • A Call To Action Overlay: This adds another element to your advertisement to get the viewer's attention and is free to do.

  • Improve Bidding: Once it is clear which ads and which formats are the most effective revising the CPV Bidding will lead to better results.

YouTube Reporting

It is very important to be able to report the data available from your YouTube Advertisements in order to design better remarketing tactics. There are many different Reporting Metrics used for YouTube Ads.

  • Video Impressions: Counted whether or not your ad is viewed by the user.

  • Video Click Through Rate: The number of times your advertisement is clicked divided by the number of times it is shown.

  • Video Quartiles (First, Midpoint, Third, Complete): This shows how long a viewer watched your video for. The options are 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%.

  • "Skip" button clicks (for skippable ads): How many times the skip button was clicked by a viewer.

  • Video Pauses: how many times the viewer paused the video.

If you would like more information about YouTube Advertisement Guidelines or would like to discuss how digital marketing can grow your business get in touch with us. We are here to help!