The Importance of Email Content

Marketing Advice - 13.07.17

We previously wrote a blog on how to optimise your open rate for emails. If you missed it you can read it here.

Now we cover how to convince your readers to stay and read your email. As we know, content is the most important part of an email. Some might think that goes without saying, but as people only have an average attention span of 8 seconds it’s important to get your message across quickly and concisely. Here are some tips on how to achieve that in your email marketing campaigns.

The First Thing Viewers See / Look Out For?

The email headline should be a brief sentence explaining the content. The use of alliteration, numbers, or emojis can draw a reader in. Creativity and clarity are imperative here. The headline should be followed by a sub-headline to give the reader a bit more information and entice them to keep reading. The email should include a brief introduction followed by bullet points. Many people won’t bother reading an email with a paragraph. This is why the bullet points are important to ensure readers will receive the intended message. Also, contact information must be placed in a clear and prominent place within the email.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Many professionals debate whether or not the use of pictures in email campaigns is a good idea. This is due to the liability that if an email is too picture-heavy it may be marked as spam, or some email clients may block images from being loaded unless the recipient has allowed them. In addition, if a picture does not properly load on the receiving end it will look unprofessional. However, a picture directly after the sub-headline adds colour and excitement to your email. Using relevant images in an email will grasp the reader's attention and keep them interested. People process images much faster than text so imagery can be very important in getting your message across. However, be careful not to house your marketing message in your image only as if the image doesn’t download the user may not see your offering. The alt tag (alternative text) for the image can also help with this.

Clickable Content

Within your email, there will be many opportunities for hyperlinks directing them toward your website. The following are great options as to where to attach a hyperlink in your email:

  • Pictures

  • Personalised banner along the top and/or bottom of the email.

  • Contact Information

Links should always say where they are going when they are a part of the text content. Hyperlinks should be in a different colour font and underlined so they are easily identified. Repeating your main call to action at the beginning and end of your email is highly recommended as studies show a user pays more attention to the top and bottom of an email and only scans the content.

Personalise, but Respect Privacy

It is important to consider what sort of relationship your company has with the user who is receiving the email. Oftentimes, an email marketing campaign is sent without the proper preparation or attention to detail. If you personalise the email to specific recipients the benefits will pay off. If you add the subscribers’ name to the subject line it can help the email get through the company's firewall and spam filters. You can also add other information you may know about the recipient in their greeting message. Information such as their job position, their company name and much more. Personalised emails will make the recipient more likely to open the email and engage with the content.

Consistency Is Key

To create a seamless stream of content, every email campaign you send out should maintain the same layout and style. Font sizes, styles, and colours should be uniform. While different pictures can be used, it is a good idea to place them in a similar location within the text. This also goes for the frequency with which you send your email campaigns. The first decision to be made is whether your email marketing campaigns will be sent quarterly, monthly, or weekly. This consistency showcases professionalism and organisation.

Quality Not Quantity

One of the most important parts of email marketing is optimising your content to increase open rates. Business professionals no longer want to take the time out of their busy schedules for a phone call so proper emailing marketing practices are extremely important. When it comes to email blasts keep the content short, but sweet. Use images and headlines that will intrigue readers leading them to click on the links. Track what works and what does not and continuously work towards improving your email content.

If you want more information about how to create effective email marketing content or you need help with your email marketing strategy get in touch with us. We are here to help!