Review Your Google Channels to Improve Your Online Strategy

Technical Advice - 03.06.22

If you are like most businesses, Google plays a key role in driving traffic to your website. So, it's important for you to review how you are set up to best take advantage of Google's various channels to ensure your business can adapt to any changing environment.

1. Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) acts as an important window into your business. At any given time people refer to GMB for essential business information such as opening times, map location and phone numbers. GMB is relied upon even more so and it’s important to keep it updated with the latest accurate information. Key steps include:

  • Updating your business hours if they have changed or if your premises are temporarily closed.

  • Updating your business information: letting people know about new delivery options, limited access to the store, typical times of day that your business may be busy, and precautions your business is now taking.

  • Creating GMB Posts: a lot of businesses don’t know this feature exists but it’s another way to get up-to-date information to any interested party.

2. Google Organic Search

Given that people have more time on their hands to search these days you want your business to be top of the list when they are searching for you or a relevant search term to your business.

As organic rankings don’t have the on/off switch that paid channels live by, when you hit a high ranking position, the likelihood is that you’ll stay there longer making it more cost-effective than paid channels. So here are some SEO tips:

  • Your customers may be feeling uncertain and are now looking for trusted content that answers questions - adding content around education / FAQs can help build up trusted relationships with consumers.

  • Updating your schema can ensure that Google shows up-to-date and accurate information about your services and products.

  • Ensure any blogs or content are relevant in substance and tone.

3. Google Ads

If you have existing Google Ads running, you now need to assess the level of return, has it changed since Covid? Are people continuing to search for your products or services? Perhaps you need to pause activity for certain products and see if other ones are more relevant to advertise now.

This could indeed be a time that you focus on educational marketing more than transactional - promoting webinars or tutorials can help you engage with customers and new audiences.

While looking at your existing campaigns you may also need to change the ad copy to reflect any changes in your business e.g. if it’s online only now, payment or delivery changes; site links and callout texts can work well for these kinds of alterations.

If you’re not running Google ads consider if this is an opportune time especially if you are finding that more business is coming via your website. Cost per clicks may have fallen in your industry sector and it may now be the time to dip your toe into this channel starting small with a test budget and ensuring you have all relevant site metrics tracking.

PRO-TIP: Check Out Google Trends

Prior to the above actions, it would be a good idea to check out Google Trends which can keep you informed about what people are looking for and changes in their search behaviour that could affect your business.

Checking Google Trends acts as a barometer of people’s frame of mind. Insights from this data may help inform your overall digital marketing strategy.

For more information on the important role Google can play with your online strategy please contact us.