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Marketing Advice - 14.07.20

What You Can Do TODAY That Will Make a Difference

Our specialist sectors are B2B and Professional Services firms (and some B2C firms with more complex buying funnels).

We have published articles in recent days to help business owners in these categories with their strategic thinking in relation to future business development.

As you can see from these articles, there may be many unknowns, this can be daunting.

The danger though is that in the analysis of the long-term plan, you can lose sight of the practical things you can do today that can make a difference.

This short article looks at immediate steps you can take that can:

  • Inform your strategic thinking

  • Alert you to immediate changes that might improve the performance of your sales funnels

Here are obvious steps you can take today:

Review Your Website Analytics

Are there any significant changes in your site visitors’ behaviour?

One of our B2B clients saw a decline in one of their key services but noticed a spike in visits around a secondary service they offered. As there was data to back this up, a new marketing plan was put into place where they paused Google ad activity on their main service and instead moved the budget to the smaller one that was showing larger growth, this has now become their number one seller in the past few months and is helping this business grow.

It is always important to monitor your website traffic performance and ensure that you have the right goals created in your Analytics. These goals are effectively your business objectives turned into numbers, which can be anything from the number of inquiry forms you have received for a service or the number of emails/phone calls your business is getting. Your goals may change during this time so it’s wise to ensure you’re tracking the right metrics.

Look at Relevant Trends Emerging Online

Google Trends offers insights to help you understand better people’s behaviour online. For example, we noticed a large increase in the number of searches for ‘Vitamin D’ here in Ireland and we were able to share this insight with a pharmacy client who in turn created a Vitamin D blog and boosted this on their social media platforms.

Communicate with Customers on Changes in Your Business Operations

It’s important to keep your clients informed on how you are operating. Simple changes like updating your Google My Business page will help.

Updating your clients and visitors to your own site increases loyalty and trust.

How We Can Help

We are helping businesses become more agile and adapt to what is for many a new business environment. If you would like to get in touch with us we can help you with the following:

  • Traffic Analysis: Monitor your site traffic and evaluate any changes thereby providing insights on what you can do to improve/ take advantage of where your position is.

  • Review Paid Activity: If you are running paid ads on Google or Bing we can take a look at how they are performing and make recommendations on what will deliver a better ROI.

  • Social Media: We can review any campaigns you may be running across Facebook or Instagram ensuring you’re communicating with the right audience at the most relevant time with the most appropriate message for now.

  • Tracking: This applies to all of the above and it’s so important that you are tracking the most important actions on your site that could potentially lead to more business.

So get in touch with us today and we’ll arrange a FOC consultation to get things moving forward.