How to Write Perfect Google Adwords Ads

Technical Advice - 30.08.16

Creating the perfect ad requires a certain skill and we can offer a few simple content solutions as to how to create impactful ad copy to help your ad perform more effectively. The key is to understand your customer's needs and to use content in a way that will speak directly to them so be specific, direct and write professionally.

Also, a simple action word will communicate clearly to visitors to your site how to take action and turn prospects into paying customers.

Standardised Process

To make your ad creation process easier, set out a formula to follow whenever you’re creating new ads. Whether it is making sure that the headline always contains the keywords, call to actions, or key benefits - following a standard process will give your ads more consistency and ensure that your ad writing is as hassle-free as possible. 


Make sure that once you’ve set out a template for your ads, you create several variations of the same ad. This way you can A/B test them against each other and see which ones perform the best.

Other Tricks

Other proven tricks when it comes to writing your ad copy include:

  • Countdown timer within your text ads. This way you will let people know how much time they have to claim the benefits offered by you and potentially give you an edge over your competitor’s ads.

  • Numbers! Ads that have numbers in them are proven to perform better, whether it’s the % of savings your customers can make or the number of places available for your training course. The only thing to bear in mind here is to be specific. Don’t round the numbers, the more specific they are the more likely they are to catch potential clients’ eyes.

  • Personalisation. This means including words like “ You” and “Your” in the headline of the ad. This shows the client that it’s about them.

  • Callouts. This is additional text for your ads. Use them to tell the shoppers about any additional benefits you offer.

  • Capitalise the first letter of every word. Although this is not grammatically correct, it has been proven to work with higher clickthrough rates than the ads that don’t use capitalisation.

  • And finally, this should go without saying – add action words such as Buy, Claim, See, Use, Choose etc. Your shoppers might need a little encouragement before they click on the ad.

There’s Always the Competition

The aim here is not to copy but to learn from your competition’s approach to Google Search Advertising. This might include looking at their ad copy and the way they lay it out, the areas they target and even the callouts they are using.

All in all, it’s about quality rather than quantity. It’s better to have tightly run campaigns with fewer keywords than mountains of irrelevant keywords for each ad that will bleed your budget. It’s important to check your accounts regularly to learn the behaviours of your user and optimise accordingly whether it’s adding more negative keywords, streamlining times of the day or maximising the bids on your highest-converting keywords.

If you’re still at a loss about how to use Google AdWords get in touch with us.