How to Be More Organic on Facebook

Marketing Advice - 16.08.16

Since Facebook started putting friends and family first when it comes to sharing updates on Facebook, marketers and publishers have been pushed far back with their posts. At this stage, it’s becoming close to impossible to have your post seen by more than a handful of people on Facebook. However, there are some ways to keep pushing it.


Similarly to targeting your ads on Facebook, now you can target your posts. The aim of this is to target people who would be interested in what you have to say. Not everyone who has liked your page or follows you will be reading every single post that you publish. Next time you publish the latest blog post on your Facebook page, for example, think about who might be particularly interested in it and who could engage with it the most (sharing, liking or reacting with a “WOW” reaction).

Once you’ve decided on who this audience might be, just click that “Targeting” option on your feed and start typing the interests. This option not only allows you to target your audiences based on their interests but also the location, age, gender and language.

See What Posts Perform the Best

This should go without saying, evaluate the results you get from the published posts. Use Facebook Insights to see the reach, new views and likes of your posts. Also, check and see when your audience is the most active on Facebook and when is the best time to post content. If you consider Facebook to be your main social media account, then only post high-value stuff on it. Content that you feel is most valuable and of high quality. You can see this information on Google Analytics ( by looking at the most popular content on your website, you’ll find this option under Behaviour / Site Content) or by analysing how content performed on other media channels such as Twitter or Linkedin.

Pay for It

As non-organic as this sounds, paid traffic can actually increase your organic traffic. Think about it, you will pay for people to see the post and engage with it (like, react, share etc…). Once they do it their friends/followers will see it, meaning – higher organic reach!

And as you can see, sometimes a small paid encouragement can lead to high organic reach (especially when it comes to competitions).


It’s no secret that video content generates the most engagement on Facebook. And as we learned throughout this post, the higher your audience’s engagement with your content is, the higher your organic reach is going to be. So make sure to add video into your marketing strategy. After all, video is the most influential marketing tool.

Try out these methods to stay more organic on Facebook and see that post reach go up. And if social media is a bit of a mystery to you, we're here to help.