Handy Checklist: Planning Strategically for a Great Year-End

Company News - 22.08.23

As the final quarter of the year approaches, sales directors and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are gearing up for a critical period that can make or break their annual performance. 

The months spanning from September to December often hold the key to determining whether a company can celebrate a successful year or head back to the drawing board. Moreover, a strong finish in this period can set the stage for a robust pipeline in the coming year.

See below for our quick and handy checklist tailored to empower sales directors and CMOs with actionable insights to assess and enhance their marketing readiness.

Your Marketing Readiness Checklist:

1. Messaging Alignment Review
2. Optimise Your Website
  • Review your target keywords and ensure they still align with your proposition(s).

  • Check how your website is performing for speed and usability on Google's Core Vitals tool.

  •  If you’re running ad campaigns, audit your ad copy, keywords and landing page content to maximise conversion.

3. Technology Stack Audit
  • Review your marketing technology stack. Is it fit for purpose in terms of supporting your funnel.

  • Always think strategy first and technology second. If your marketing tools are complex, clunky or too time-consuming to use it's time for a review. 

4. Sales and Marketing Alignment Assessment
  • Collaboration between sales and marketing teams is pivotal. 

  • Review lead handoff processes and fine-tune marketing materials to support sales efforts at various funnel stages.

5. Content Gap Analysis
  • Bridge gaps in content coverage throughout the buyer's journey.

  • Address specific pain points and objections with targeted content creation.

  • Fine-tune content calendars and promotional schedules for optimal impact.

6. Competitor Analysis
  • Gain a competitive edge by analysing rivals' strategies, messaging, and positioning.

  • Leverage insights to differentiate your approach and captivate your audience.

7. Data and Analytics Evaluation
  • Review the data collected from various marketing and sales channels. Is it accurate?

  • Does it give the required insights you need?

Approaching the year's final quarter, sales directors and CMOs prepare for an important period that will influence their annual performance. By aligning messaging, optimising websites, auditing technology, improving collaboration, addressing content gaps, analysing competitors, and evaluating data, businesses can position themselves for sales growth and business success.