A Guide to Indirect Search Rankings

Marketing Advice - 04.05.16

In today’s world of paid advertising, it is easy to get direct traffic to your website. You simply pay the social media giants, such as Google and Facebook, to drive traffic to your website. But what about indirect traffic? How can you improve your search rankings without paying for it?

1. Reviews

Customer feedback definitely helps your SEO strategy. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers to leave a review. The more reviews on platforms such as Trip Advisor, Yelp or Google, the better. All you have to do is follow up with your customers. You are creating more opportunities for your business to be found on Google.

2. Case Studies

Another good method to consider is Case Studies. This is especially true if you provide higher-value products or services. This type of content is easy to promote and can generate interest for potential customers who visit the site. Here’s an example of a Together Digital case study.

3. Event Blogs

This involves attending events and then blogging about them. Now, this might result in a waste of your time or you could gain new connections who might visit your site if you give them the right impression and, of course, your business card.

But the most important aspect is what you do after the event. Once the event is over, it’s a good idea to create a piece of content around that event (key learning points, speakers present etc). Make sure to include links that guide people back to the event.

These links can have a great impact, especially if people are looking for information about what happened at the event or even when they search for the names of some of the speakers.

An example: Together Digital attended an event back in December 2015. Now, when someone Googles the event, our blog post appears 5th on the search rankings pages.

4. All About User Experience

Not only is your user experience important for your conversions, but also your search rankings. Some things that can affect your search rankings are:

  • Side speed

  • Layout

  • Sitemap

If your site is slow to load, cluttered with text, and opens with pop-up messages your visitors could leave to go to your competitor’s site. Google will take note of this and rank you accordingly.

The organic SEO method should already be a natural part of SEO strategy and your business as a whole; ranking high in organic search ensures you are relevant to your audience. However, you also have plenty of options to bring in traffic directly with paid channels while you are building your overall SEO strategy.

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