6 Top Distribution Channels to Transform Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

Marketing Advice - 07.10.22
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How we consume content is changing. We want content-rich experiences that provide us with the information we need in the shortest amount of time and videos are very effective in explaining how a product or service works. 

Video has become the most popular way people consume content today with InVideo reporting some serious stats to back this up. The online video editor reveals: 

  • The average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. 

  • By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

  • 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over the last three years.

Hubspot reports that over 54% of consumers prefer video content from businesses they support and there is a range of different video types to suit your business needs. 

  • Testimonials – Satisfied customers may provide a video testimonial to recommend your business to others. 

  • Tutorials – A training video educates users on how to use a product or service. 

  • Explainer video – A visual explainer tool placed on your website landing page will quickly communicate the benefits of your product or service. 

  • Profile video – Tell the story of your company engagingly and humanly. 

  • Interstitial video ads – Popup videos a user can choose to engage with by clicking the ad. 

  • Display ad – Text, image or video ads placed on a landing page to prompt a prospect to take action like buy, subscribe or sign up for a free trial. 

These statistics demonstrate exactly why video should be a crucial part of your digital strategy. But to fully ignite your video strategy and to gain the widest possible reach success,  you need an effective distribution plan. And with many distribution channels to choose from, we’ve chosen the best 6 ways to get your video content seen. 

1. Your website 

Your website is the centre point of all your marketing efforts and as such a video placed on your homepage is perfectly positioned to explain your product or service to a prospect. Some website videos ideas might include:

  • Product explainer videos

  • Company profile videos

  • Careers-focused videos e.g. ‘Life at….’

2. Blog 

Google tends to prioritise search results with video over search results without video. Video marketers blog about how they saw a meteoric rise in organic traffic to their site ranging from 10% to a mind-blowing 250% when they just added video content to existing posts. 

This proves that pairing a blog post with a video makes for a highly effective content strategy and taking into account that Google ranks pages higher the longer time users spend on them means that adding video will greatly improve your SEO efforts. 

Embedding short announcement videos, gifs or “pull quote” videos will also help to maximise your website’s search engine visibility. 

3. Email 

Hands up anyone who has ever sent an email out into the ether only to be ghosted with no response. We’ve all been there, so a handy tip that will make people want to open the emails you send is to add a video. Or add a link to the video on your site which will in turn increase traffic to your site.

Video messaging service Bomb Bomb states that embedding video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates and is a simple and resourceful method to significantly increase the number of qualified leads your business acquires each year. 

One good tip to remember when embedding a video in an email is to select a strong thumbnail image that will make a viewer want to click on it. 

4. Video chatbot 

Who needs human interaction when you can cut through the customer service spiel and interact with a bot, right? Well, some chatbots only respond to specific words or commands so if your needs are more complicated then a disconnect could arise. 

This is when a visual demonstration video is a vital tool for resolving a troubleshooting issue for a client. A video chatbot is very effective in UX design and can be used to streamline your help centre support.  

5. Social media channels 

With video, you can capture a prospect’s interest in seconds and using unique messaging and dynamic content on social media channels will help to vastly expand your reach. 

  • Linkedin –  58 million companies are on LinkedIn

  • Facebook – Videos are responsible for 11% of Facebook content.

  • Instagram – 200 million Instagram business accounts people visit daily. 

  • Twitter – Over 2 billion video views on Twitter each day. 

  • TikTok – More than 1 billion video views on TikTok every day. 

However, B2B companies should be selective about the social media channels they use to get their message out focusing on the platforms they believe are the most popular with their target audience. LinkedIn Ireland is a powerful platform for B2B businesses to promote their brand and connect with clients.

6. YouTube 

It is the No. 1 video-sharing platform in the world and aside from the fact you can connect with a global audience there are many other advantages to B2B businesses having their own YouTube channel as mentioned below: 

  • YouTube is a great lead generation platform. 

  • You can include links from your YouTube channel directly to your website. 

  • YouTube video content builds credibility and authority. 

  • You can partner with YouTube influencers to expand your reach.

  • Google owns YouTube so posting on YouTube will help people find you easier on Google. 

Having your own channel allows you to be in control of the content you create so you can be as innovative and experimental as you want in trying to connect with your audience. 

We'll end on this...

Video is a leading marketing tool for businesses to easily communicate the benefits of their products or services. And the bonus is search engines love video too so it’s easy to see why more and more businesses are using the medium to tell their story and define their propositions quickly, simply and compellingly. 

We believe every business will benefit from using video to support its digital goals and in this blog, we’ve outlined the best channels to use to gain the widest possible reach because getting your content seen and in front of the right audience is the key to any successful video marketing strategy.