6 of the Top B2B Podcasts for Every Business Leader

Marketing Advice - 13.01.23
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With countless B2B podcasts demanding a listen, we’ve sifted through the sea of audio to round up 6 of the best business podcasts that deserve your immediate attention. 

Get top tips, advice and key insights on how to grow your company. Hear how some of the world’s leading thinkers and industry disruptors followed their own path and had the confidence, charisma and perseverance to achieve their goals. Or simply be entertained by one highly amusing tale of an ill-prepared entrepreneur who blindly launched his own start-up to find success on a global scale.

Each podcast approaches the business world from a different angle offering its own unique perspective on the challenges that go hand in glove with running a business.

So let's get into it. 

1. B2B Growth 

Growth is the essence of what this daily podcast is all about. How to get it and how to achieve it. Host Benji Block discusses a wide range of topics including creative business development strategies, time-saving sales tools, and much much more. 

Why listen? For great insights into B2B marketing, ABM, up-to-date info on the latest trends tools and technology and techniques B2B Growth is a one-stop shop for top tips, tricks and advice on improving sales and marketing performance. 

Episode listen: 5 Elements of Successful Messaging, with Darr Gerscovich How do you sound crystal clear about what you’re about, who you are trying to serve, and your unique point of view? This episode is insightful about the power of quality messaging to drive growth. 

2. Start-up 

This is a searingly honest real-time account from the producer of This American Life and co-creator of Planet Money Alex Blumberg as he tries to start a successful podcast business. 

Why listen: Because Alex is so god awful at being a hotshot entrepreneur you won’t be able to stop listening to find out if he’ll come good on his pitches to investors, nail those tough negotiations with his co-founder and not cave when his wife laughs at his attempts to be a serious businessman.

Episode listen: This is storytelling at its most engaging, so best to start at the beginning and hang on for a bumpy, awkward and ultimately funny ride as Alex tries to bring his vision to life. Episode 1 on Spotify: How Not to Pitch a Billionaire.

3. Masters of Scale 

Reid Hoffman, former LinkedIn co-founder chats candidly with diverse and insightful business leaders from the mighty Bill Gates to Meta man Mark Zuckerberg and CEOs from Nike to Netflix to Slack about their experiences of starting companies to scaling them for global success. 

Why listen? For the larger-than-life guests who don’t hold back from imparting some surprising truths on what they’ve learned the hard way as they talk about building a business from the ground up. 

Episode listen: CEO of multi-billion dollar company Airbnb, Brian Chesky is so self-effacing as he tells of his early years going door-to-door like a meagre salesman to meet with Airbnb hosts in person. 

4. SaaStr 

SaaStr is essential listening for anyone passionate about SaaS as it features some of the biggest and most influential names in this fiercely competitive industry.  

Why listen: SaaStr Founder & CEO Jason Lemkin helps entrepreneurs in the world of B2B tech become more successful. Subscribe for weekly updates and become part of the largest community for B2B software. 

Episode listen: Let’s hear from Jason in the episode where he discusses breaking fuels, setting goals, and technical debt at the AMA at SaaStr Annual 2022.

5. HBR IdeaCast

HBR IdeaCast is a thought-provoking podcast produced by Harvard Business Review. Each weekly episode features guests from all areas of business that will inspire you with innovative ideas to make your business more profitable. 

Why listen: If you’re a business founder you’ll pick up some forward-thinking ideas to motivate your employees, improve workflows and collaboration and help you make better business decisions.  

Episode listen: Grit is Good. But Quitting Can Be, Too. “It ain't about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward.” Rocky Balboa 👊 👊👊 Author Annie Duke explores whether if you don’t succeed at first, you should try and try, then try again. 

6. Ahead of the Game 

This fortnightly Dublin-based podcast from the Digital Marketing Institute is an excellent resource for B2B business leaders and is hosted by Will Francis. 

Why listen: Ahead of the Game is jam-packed with everything you need to know in marketing from market research to creativity in B2B marketing, SEO & Omnichannel marketing, data protection, and the latest digital marketing trends to grow your business. 

Episode listen: If you want to hear a roundup of knowledgeable experts in their fields share their insights about what to look out for in the New Year in terms of digital marketing then check out this episode 👉 2023 Trends in Digital Marketing.