5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Facebook Campaigns

Marketing Advice - 10.06.16

If you’re already familiar with Facebook advertising why not see other methods of advertising, like what are local awareness ads on Facebook?

For now, though, let’s look at how to bring your Facebook advertising skills to the next level.

Refresh Your Creatives / Ad Text

After a while, you might notice that some of your ads are not generating as many clicks as they used to. This might be because people are so used to seeing your ads that they won’t even notice them amongst all the other content on Facebook. Refreshing your ad's creative and text might help you get back in the game!

Reach & Frequency

When it comes to reach, you might notice that your campaigns aren’t reaching enough people. For this, you might consider relaxing some of your targeting constraints. As for the frequency, the aim here is not to have it too high. If it’s too high people will simply get annoyed with your ads (some might show their annoyance by posting comments on your ads, which does nothing for your brand image).

Relevance Score

This is a simple thing to overlook when managing your ads. However, the relevance score is an important measure to see how your audience is responding to your advert. Note, it is only calculated once your impression score hits 500. Facebook bases this score on the feedback that your audience provides. Whether it’s negative or positive. You can keep this score high by improving the ads:

  • Targeting - how narrow is your audience and how relevant is the ad to them?

  • Message and Image - again, keep both of these as relevant to your audience as possible. Most importantly, avoid using inappropriate imagery or slogans.

You can learn more about Relevance Score here.

Custom Audiences

If you notice that your current campaigns aren’t generating as many conversions, leads or simply impressions as you wish they would, the first thing worth looking at would be the audiences you’re targeting.

You can start by uploading the database of your existing clients.

You’ll find this option under Tools / Audiences / Create Audience / Custom Audience

Lead Generation

This feature is relatively new on Facebook. As they call it themselves, “Tap,Tap, Done” helps your potential customers fill out forms more quickly and simply. This is especially useful for people who are on the go and use primarily mobile devices to browse Facebook (and as we know, these days it’s the majority of Facebook users).

The signup process is much easier seeing as Facebook automatically populates the contact information that people have given Facebook, for example - phone numbers or email addresses. All your users might have to fill in is the message bar.

If Facebook advertising is still a bit confusing to you check out our blog post on 5 Tips For Facebook Ads Campaigns or get in touch with us and we will happily answer any of your questions.