Steps you can take on Social Media during Covid-19
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Steps you can take on Social Media during Covid-19

Steps you can take on Social Media during Covid-19
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Sinead Morris
Sinead Morris 14 Jul 2020

As our economy slowly begins to wake up from the Covid-19 freeze, we have outlined below some steps to help you better communicate on your social media platforms during this unprecedented crisis.

1. Read the room

The general atmosphere and people’s sentiment has changed several times since the Coronavirus appeared in mid March. Firstly there was the ‘batten down the hatches’ approach from March to May but then as the country began to ease restrictions the atmosphere has defrosted somewhat and while it may not go back to pre-Covid times, it at least has warmed up as people begin to consider buying and doing things they wouldn’t have dreamed of a few short months ago. From a social media standpoint it’s important that your content and its tone reflects these mood changes.

2. Keep on posting

As many studies have found, social media usage has increased in the past few months so make sure people on Facebook and Instagram hear you and know that not only are you still standing but what you’re doing from latest developments, or staff updates to changes in your business operations. Stories on Instagram and Facebook are a great way to communicate this.

3. Feel for your audience & sound human

Understand the challenges your audience and customers are facing.

Many of these people may work in stressful jobs on the front line, or indeed they may have lost their jobs, others in some other way could be uncertain about their future, be mindful of these factors when you’re posting and what you’re saying.

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4. This is the time to add value

During this time you may consider adding extra resources for your clients/target audience. It could be using video for educational pieces or webinars or just more long form content. If you have the resources it is worthwhile and don’t forget while this content is considered softer than direct response and more top of funnel, it can be effectively used for retargeting purposes.

5. Listen to what they’re saying and the questions they ask

Is your target audience contacting you on social media, are they asking questions about your business? It may sound basic enough but it’s so important that you have a customer support plan in place to answer and help your customers during Covid-19, it will build up trust and help with good old customer relationships.

6. Video all the way

You may find that you’re using video much more now than pre Covid in order to communicate to your customers. This can range from explainer videos, to webinars and tutorials. If this is the case remember to upload your video content directly on your Social channels.

7. The Power of Polls

To keep engagement up on social a simple poll can get people excited about your products or ask their opinion on product development. By doing this your audience will not only know you’re very much in operation but also that you care enough to ask them their opinion.

While these steps sound pretty rudimentary, getting them right will pay off in terms of how your business is perceived by your customers and ultimately how your business performs.

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