Social Media - what’s changed for Marketers in 2016

Social Media - what’s changed for Marketers in 2016

Social Media - what’s changed for Marketers in 2016
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 21 Jul 2016

The three social giants have introduced already quite a few new updates to their products. From increased video lengths to new advertising methods. Here’s our recap on some of these changes and updates.


Recently Facebook launched a new layout for Business pages on Facebook. However, some time before that, their Ads Manager platform saw major updates. This update didn’t only mean design and layout changes but also saw an introduction of new features.

Firstly, you’ll notice that all the notifications related to the business pages are now inside the Ads Manager. This way your personal and business notifications are kept separate. Another new feature is the “ Menu”.

This will display all the features that are available to you within the Ads Manager for easy navigation.

Custom Audiences also got an update. Now you can target people based on their engagement on Facebook.

As you can see the new update lets you target people who have either engaged with your video or have completed a form from the Lead Adverts option on Facebook. Bear in mind that any other custom audience, this one is not different and needs to reach at least 20 people in order for it to work.


Instagram saw major design changes, starting with their logo and following with feed change. The feed change not only included the layout change but also the order of how the posts will be displayed to you ( algorithmic change). This meant that the posts from the users that you engage with the most will show first.

Another update was that now the users, including businesses, can post longer videos, up to 1-minute videos to be exact. This means that now there’s much more time for you to get your brand message across!

Also, an update that might influence the marketers to publish more videos is the - video view count.


Recently, Twitter released an option for posting GIFs on users’ walls, and only a few days ago the size of these moving images was increased from 5MB to 15MB. Similarly, the Vine videos have increased in their duration (from 30 seconds to 130 seconds). Now marketers can better target their message, especially when it comes to the younger generations who do appreciate a good GIF or an entertaining video.

Twitter has also hinted at extending their 140 character rule. You can read more about it here. Soon enough we will be able to express more without worrying about the character count.

So far, in 2016 these have been the biggest updates from the 3 platforms. However, it is certain that it won’t end there. So take your time to get used to some of these changes and see how they fit into your marketing strategy.

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