Questions Your Web Designer Should Ask You

Questions Your Web Designer Should Ask You

Questions Your Web Designer Should Ask You
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 20 Oct 2017

Before kicking off a web design project, your designer should ask some key questions. Clarifying these points in advance will result in a strategic approach to your new design.

What is your motivation?

Why now? What’s driving the decision to create a new website? You likely have some key reasons that have led you to this project. Perhaps you have an existing website that needs modernisation to deliver on your business strategy. Maybe you’re aware that your digital profile isn’t helping you meet your goals, and that you’re missing opportunities as a result.

A strong digital presence is crucial for any organisation today. If your website isn’t cutting the mustard, the impact can be enormous.

Interrogating the motivating factors for designing a new website:

  • brings clarity to the project
  • defines what you hope the outcome to be
  • enables your web designer to envision what will have the greatest impact for you. 

What are your KPIs?

Each organisation is unique and will measure success differently. A well-designed website does more than look professional – it leads to tangible results. 

Great web design goes far beyond just the appearance of your site. It’s critical that you understand the user journey, making the site as intuitive and helpful for your users as possible. Good design ultimately leads to more conversions, and less people leaving your site in the middle of the process. If your web designer understands what outcomes you need to see from your site, they can incorporate this into the strategy from the beginning and put it at the forefront of the web design.

Who is supplying the content?

  • Have you thought about where the content is coming from for your site?
  • Will you be providing copy for the site or enlisting the help of a content specialist?
  • What images will you need for the site?

This is the material that will populate your web designer’s creation. Without having the content supplied right away, your web designer will need some information on what's being included to understand how best to layout the site. Your site is the digital ‘shop window’ for your business, so don’t make content an after-thought. 

If you’d like help on any of these areas, you can get in touch to discuss your digital strategy.

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