Learn Inbound - April 2016

Learn Inbound - April 2016

Learn Inbound - April 2016
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 09 May 2016

The Learn Inbound’s events were set up to help advance knowledge for industry professionals by inviting world-class marketers to speak and share their industry insights on topics such as SEO, PPC, Conversion Optimisation, Content Marketing and much more. At this event, we were treated with 3 extraordinary speakers - Marcus, Bridget and Oli.


Marcus Tandler was the first speaker up. All the way from Germany, Marcus is a co-founder and the managing director at onpage.org (an innovative tool for website management and better visibility in the search engines). His 303 slides were packed with information on what’s in store for search engines in the future, what is Google up to and how Google is improving it’s artificial intelligence to better help users and businesses.

The next speaker was Bridget Randolph, Consultant at Distilled ( An online marketing agency with offices in London, New York and Seattle). Bridget started her presentation with taking us down the “mobile memory lane”. Did you know that back in 2012 the mobile data usage was 12 times more than the internet usage in 2000?

Bridget’s main point throughout the presentation was - the mobile search landscape is changing. This statement was backed up with numbers, “52% of UK users say that mobile is their primary way to access the web”. And it was only 24% in 2013.

And why wouldn’t this number increase? Back in December, we attended an event GetMobile15 where one of the speakers established that our mobile phone is the first thing we look at when we open our eyes in the morning.

Mobile phones have come a long way. They know where you are, who your friends are and they can even tell if you are walking or running. 

Bridget explained the impact of mobile on search rankings (after Google introduced the mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor), how AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) changed the way we browse the internet and much more


The final speaker came to Dublin all the way from Canada. Oli Gardner is the Co-Founder of Unbounce ( a tool to help you build, test and publish landing pages without IT or software) and provided us with some useful insights on how to build the “ ultimate landing page”. 

He started off by stating that “clarity is the most important aspect of the conversion equation”. According to him, distraction is the enemy of conversions. He followed this statement with several case studies on landing pages that were tested using the Usability Hub’s 5 - second test.

Most common mistakes among these tests included points like:

  • Swapping places of your Headline and Subhead for extra clarity

  • Not asking your customers to write the headline for you

Other tips and tricks we learned from Oli were regarding the length of a lead generation form, how far below the fold are people scrolling, position of the call to action buttons and much more.


Overall, it was an event filled with great atmosphere. The team here at Together Digital came back with new ideas, insights and recommendations that we will definitely be putting into practice. Also, we will be attending their next conference on the 20th July. So stay posted. 

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