How to Write Customer-Centric Blog Content?

How to Write Customer-Centric Blog Content?

How to Write Customer-Centric Blog Content?
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 03 Mar 2016

In order for your content marketing strategy to work it is crucial that you know your audiences inside-out, as it allows you to target them efficiently. It is not enough to simply create content and share it across every social media channel. Make sure that you ask these important questions before you create any content:

  • Who is my target audience?

  • What social media channels do each type of customer use?

  • What types of FAQ’s do they have?

  • What information do they need in order for them to make their final decision?

  • Where in the buying process are they?

Answering these questions will help you to shape your content according to your customer needs on each platform.

Know Where in the Buying Cycle your Customer Is

For your content to be relevant it is important to understand where in the buying cycle your customers are. There are three main phases:

  • Awareness stage

  • Consideration stage

  • Decision stage

Depending on the stage, the customer’s needs will be different. Try to create content around one of these stages to help them convert. Your engagement with your clients should not end once they make that purchase. Ensure that they have a favourable service experience post-purchase as well. If they have any queries or qualms, try to answer them quickly and in a positive manner.

Tailor the Messages Accordingly

In the Awareness stage, the customer might be searching for answers online to a problem they might be having; a problem to which your product could be of help. They might simply be looking to buy a similar product or service, however, they are still in the research phase. For your content to be well targeted, make sure that you use the right keywords that relate to your product/service, company or even to your competitors.

For the Consideration stage, they have defined the problem and are looking for ways to resolve it. Here you will want to target the customers that are actively searching for information. You can help by providing them with helpful comparison charts, or promote your points of differences to that of your competitor or training videos or guides. The goal here is to help them convert.

Finally, the Decision stage. Here, the customer has established a way of how they intend to solve their problem. For this stage you can create content that clearly outlines all the ways your product/service can help or has already solved problems similar to theirs.

Last, but not least, take care of your customers post-purchase. For example, schedule a follow-up email or call, depending on your product or service. This is important as the customers can become your brand ambassadors, advocating you to other potential customers, so it is important to keep them happy and resolve any issues they might have in an effective and positive manner.

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