How To Increase The Reach Of Your Content

How To Increase The Reach Of Your Content

How To Increase The Reach Of Your Content
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 24 Mar 2016

It’s easy to draw an audience for your content if you have already established a name for yourself and produce content that is attractive, eye-catching and recognisable. However, what do you do if you’re only starting out in content production or content marketing?

Different Ways of Content Distribution

Firstly, let’s have a look at the 3 well-established ways that could help you get your content out there:

  • Owned - this includes all the content that you have developed yourself, for example on blogs, websites and newsletters.

  • Earned - this is where your readers give you feedback and help spread your content organically. For example, sharing, liking your content or leaving reviews and comments.

  • Paid - This is where you pay for your content to be seen. This means that you create ads for your content and pay for those clicks and impressions.

Gaining Traction: How to Start if You Don’t Have a Name Yet

Today, the popularity of your content very much depends on how many followers you have. Different social media platforms offer different possibilities and benefits. So before you start choosing which platform to go for, it might be a good idea to read common social media strategies to avoid.

Starting on Social Media


You can start by gathering returning followers, this is usually done via an e-mail list. E-mail Marketing is a great way to create new relationships and build on existing ones. Here’s how you can get started. For new relationships, you’ll have to get primary contacts to share your content. This is where social media comes into play.


People on Facebook are used to being invited to like and share pages. Your friends, family and acquaintances are a good starting point for getting your content out there. If you’re interested in finding out what benefits Facebook can offer you and your business, read here. In the last year, Facebook introduced new ways for content promotion, such as post boosts, 8 different reactions and other paid social tools.


Twitter is another good way to get your name out there and perhaps meet some new people who share the same ideas. Recently, Twitter has been following in Facebook’s footsteps, when it comes to the promotion of content. The best one for getting your content out there is the ‘Promoted Tweets’ option.


Even though Google+ fan base isn’t as big as Facebook or Twitter’s it could still be worth your while to check it out and connect with like-minded people. Your connections are gathered in Circles of friends, family or even work colleagues. You can use it as a micro-blog, check out what topics are trending using the hashtag and you can even organise a webinar. For more tips read this.

Pinterest and Instagram

The only two requirements for these platforms are that you create eye-catching content and get people to like it. This will help you gain followers. Both of these platforms are more focused on visually attractive content, so if you’re working in this sector, make sure to check them out.


Linkedin works in a similar way to Facebook when it comes to content. It will show the content that you might like, what your followers like and paid content that matches your profile. The trick is to connect to as many people as you potentially can. These are only the main steps that you should consider when trying to get your content out there. You could also try commenting on other people’s content to gain recognition and followers, but most importantly make sure that your social profiles are smart and polished, especially in relation to grammar and photos.

Other Tricks of the Trade

Test everything that’s related to content technology. This includes making sure that your site works for major browsers and on different devices, fully integrate your social media, make sure all the links, buttons work and, finally, make it easy for the user to connect and follow you in terms of social media, newsletter and contact information.

Also, if you’re someone who believes in colour psychology and it’s relevant for your content, read this post on how colour influences our decisions when it comes to content.

Keep a content calendar containing a list of all the posts to be scheduled. This will help you to be better organised. You could help yourself by creating a schedule, writing articles that are related to your sector.

Finally, do not spam, mislead, or post content that could potentially anger people. Remember, you have to keep your audience happy!

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