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AI Special Edition: Exploring AI's Role in Marketing

I'm delighted to share our latest newsletter, a focused exploration of AI's impact on digital marketing. As the founder of Together Digital, I'm keen to present a curated selection of our original content and thoughtfully chosen articles from leading voices in the industry.

Discover practical insights and strategic perspectives on how AI is reshaping digital marketing. Our team has delved into the nuances, offering concise yet comprehensive viewpoints. Additionally, we've sifted through noteworthy external sources to bring you a succinct collection of articles that highlight the intersection of AI and our digital landscape.

Stay informed, stay competitive. This month's newsletter will help you to stay ahead in the dynamic world of AI-driven marketing.

Ronan Morris

Together Digital

Marketing Tip:

Utilise AI-powered sentiment analysis tools to gauge customer reactions on social media. By analysing comments, reviews, and mentions, AI can help marketers understand public sentiment, identify trends, and tailor marketing strategies for better engagement and customer satisfaction.

Content Tip:

Elevate your content creation with AI by incorporating tools for brainstorming ideas, refining grammar, and enhancing overall creativity and engagement.

SEO Tip:

AI improves SEO by analysing user behaviour and refining content. For instance, AI algorithms enhance keyword relevance, boosting search engine visibility and performance.

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Watch the award-winning video of Emma Liberty-Stewarts amazing work raising puppies for Irish Guide Dogs

Using AI in Movies

Disney has increasingly been using AI on projects, most notably in the de-ageing of Harrison Ford in the latest instalment in the franchise, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” As Ford revealed, Lucasfilm used AI technology to comb through all of the decades-old footage the studio has of the actor.

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