Timoney Leadership Institute

Ronan O' Farrell, CEO

Awareness building in a very credible and professional way. That was our key challenge. A lot of people hear about Timoney through an acquaintance or colleague. So you want some external verification, the website would give them a real, strong boost of confidence in what Timoney can do. A lot of pre-selling I would have been doing before with slides and showing videos has already been done by the time I get to meet prospects. When we came to the testimonial videos, it made a lot of sense for us once we understood that Together Digital provided that service, to run with that as well. It's great that it's a one-stop shop.

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Alex Calder, Director of Content & Communications

Eva and I liked to say Together Digital are very Together so, that was our little motto. Once is started to be honest I nearly forgot we were doing it, because it was just so easy, that we didn't have to focus on it, it was just happening and tehre was no worries, no stress. We didn't feel like we had to check up or micro manage at all. It was just really efficient and streamlined and clear from the get go. We would definitely recommend working with Together Digital they were really rsponsive and the process was really smooth. It was really refreshing to work with such a nice friendly vibrant team. It couldn't have been easier actually, from the designer/developer perspective.

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Pieta House

Brian Higgins, CEO

The tendering process that we had for the new Darkness into Light website was incredibly robust. So we looked at agencies right across Europe, and much further afield. The fact that Together Digital are our partner in that was down to the technology, the drive, the determination and the quality of work, the knowledge that is there.Within the website one of the things people have commented on significantly the fact that from the moment you click onto the page there is that video footage in the background that pulls people in to what the experience of the night is. And we found in the website that was developed by Together Digital, that people keep coming back into the website. So as a re-engagement tool, the website has been hugely important for us as well.The other beauty of the new website is we now can communicate directly with individuals we're now in a posision where directly talk to you and explain what we do, thank you for your support and ask for further support in the fight against suicide.

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Illuminate Learning

Kirsten Savage, Marketing Manager

Our training is really innovative because we transform really complex subjects into really engaging and enjoyable animations.We researched a number of different providers but Together Digital seemed to be the only ones that shared our ideals and our passions for helping clients achieve their goals.

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McGovern Surveyors

Pat McGovern, Managing Director

We felt we a better quality website so our clients could go on and see that we are who we say we are and we can do what we say we can do. I felt our website was dated and we had been looking at other websites and it wasn't compatible with mobile phone usage, so we went back to the guys in Together Digital and they put some proposals to us and showed us how it would look on mobile phone and we were quite excited about that. We would recommend Together Digital without a doubt. We found them to be very very efficient, they made the process very easy from our end. The met our deadlines without any problems and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to any of our clients.

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Seapoint Clinic

Dr. Thomas Linehan, Co-owner & Dentist

We knew we were getting a flow of traffic to our site, but we new that the old website wasn't as conversion orientated as we wanted it to be.We wanted people to feel at home on our website, for the information to be displayed in a clear and friendly manner so people would be ready to make the right decision for them by looking at the website. We knew that we needed something different.Through the process of meeting with the Together Digital team they were able to strategise and build a plan that brought all of our ideas down into tech solutions, they were then able to deploy on the website.Going through the process with Together Digital things happened on time, delivery schedules were met and they launched the site without a hitch delighted to say and it's been great every since. We've seen higher conversion rates, higher traffic through our site and happier clients at the end of the day.

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Kotinos Critical Skills

Brian MacNeice, Founder & Managing Director

At Kotinos, we developed a training programme called ‘Kotinos Critical Skills’... we knew we had a really good product, what we really needed to do was make sure that all our potential clients understood what that product was. And get the message out there. So we worked very closely with Together Digital, set up the design and look at feel of that website, put it into place and that’s now the portal if you like, that we send our potential clients to, to have them look at the program and what it entails. The results from putting the website together have been fantastic of us. We’ve a large network of potential clients and we let them know about the programme. They were able to reference it on the website itself, they were able to see what the programme was all about. And it’s given them more confidence to understand when we go to meet them, what the programme is about, what we’re gonna be talking about with them.

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Verena Brennan, Marketing Officer

What impressed us about Together Digital was the project management of the website. Things were done on time and there was always someone there to help us through the process.

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Irish Funds

Pat Lardner, Chief Executive

We went through a tender process to select experts in this field, as a member association we have a lot of skills and a lot of members with skills, but website design and development wasn’t one. We were really impressed with the people, both in terms of not only their technical knowledge, but their willingness and ability to understand our business, our industry and our members. We also referenced them very carefully with not only firms in our industry but in other areas, about the way they might interact with us in what was a short timeframe with a fair bit of pressure to deliver a high quality product." "I always judge a project like this by the outcome, and the outcome come was that we got a great website which was on time, on budget and now...we’re seeing traffic is up, the feedback from our members has been strong and importantly it provides us with a platform to give more information and we think better service not only to our members but hopefully the people who want to do business here in Ireland.

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Neil Jordan, Director of Sales & Marketing

We researched a few companies and found Together Digital. We’re now four months after the website has launched, and the results have been remarkable. We’re now handing high quality leads to our local distributors across the world, and we’ve seen a significant increase in our sales pipeline. We’re very happy with the success of the website, and we’re currently in talks with Together Digital about implementing phase two of the process.

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Cricket Leinster

Eddie Lewis, President

Cricket Leinster is very happy with the new website developed by Together Digital. It has proved very popular with the cricketing public and the response has been universally positive. Web Together provided an excellent service. The site was delivered on time and to budget, the development took place in a very co-operative spirit and, most importantly, it was clear from the outset that Together Digital took massive pride in their work

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Jacqueline Hogan, Marketing Executive

Together Digital were very professional and helpful from even the initial stages in that they really sought to understand our company’s needs. The project management was incredibly efficient. People are landing on our site now and they’re staying on the site, they’re interacting with the site...

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Kotinos Critical Skills

James Bowen, Founder & Managing Director

Kotinos Partners is a niche advisory firm with a particular interest in high-performance. So we study great institutions in different fields across business, sports, military and the arts to understand what it is that makes them great. We’re a small business, and most people to whom we get referred haven’t heard of us before. So having a presence on the web was important in that regard, that was professional and looked the part. We’ve partnered with the Together Digital guys for several years now on addressing our website and they’ve done a really good job in in getting to know our business and getting to know us well. Clients who’ve come and looked at it have remarked on how well it presents the business and I suppose in particular and how well it marks us out from some of the people we’re competing with. It also works as a platform for us in communicating with the clients that we have, which then leads to more referrals down the line sharing with them our thinking with regard to high performance, it involves sharing with them the news of our research and so on and so forth as we continue to do that.

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