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Who you choose to design and manage your next website should be based on a range of factors. Two that are often overlooked are post-launch support and hosting expertise. We knock it out of the park on both and have the proof to back it up. 

Going the extra mile

We pride ourselves on our excellent website support service. Our client ticketing system monitors support response times, ticket resolutions, and customer happiness ratings. Our team deliver consistent happiness ratings of between 99 and 100%. We are happy to share this data with you and some relevant customer experiences.

Scalable Hosting Solutions for lightning page load speeds

Together Digital offers a range of solutions to ensure your website stays visible, loads quickly and can be recovered safely, if required. The most important service we offer is helping you choose which option is best suited to your business and your budget.

Key factors we consider are:

  • Traffic - the expected volume of traffic
  • Volatility - will volumes be predictable or will factors such as seasonality, PR activity etc., increase volatility.
  • Geography - are target users visiting from other countries
  • Criticality - how damaging would it be if your website was offline? e.g. high for e-commerce websites, lower for brochure websites
  • Budget - what costs are appropriate for your business for this service

Hosting & Support Services

Not only did you solve the initial problem that we had, where we had reached the limits of our site, you hit the design briefs that we wanted perfectly. We've been given a website that has inspired ideas and is going to take us further.

Julianne Ní Chonchobhair

Cló Iar-Chonnacht
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