Instant Lead Generation with PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, when executed correctly, can generate leads from prospects who are actively evaluating a product or service and who, in many cases, are close to the point of purchase.

Google Adwords and Bing Ads are the best-known search engine advertising platforms. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are high-profile options in the social space. Together Digital is a certified Google Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

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When to Use PPC

When to Use PPC

  • When you need leads quickly
  • To buy visibility where you're not appearing organically for key search terms
  • As part of an overall media buying strategy
  • Where you need a high degree of measurability for your marketing spend

Maximising the Return on Your Investment

A winning strategy involves setting clear objectives, including the audience you are targeting and how you plan to reach them. The audience is always the starting point. Channel selection follows after. Each advertising channel has its own intricacies that need to be understood so that you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities, such as remarketing.

Pay Per Click Strategy Development

Our team of PPC experts are Google certified and can help you navigate targeting strategy, targeting methodology, landing page development, advertising channel selection, and effective messaging. 

We handle complete account set ups and work with a wide range of budgets. We are happy to provide references for our work in this area.

PPC as a Long Term Lead Generation Strategy

Any long-term PPC strategy must be underpinned by a continual optimisation effort. We analyse campaign data and measure critical KPIs that reflect your overall return on investment. We offer various monthly management options and will also consider performance-based arrangements.

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