Role of Content Marketing

In the recent years, we’ve heard a lot about content marketing. So what is it and why is it so important? Due to changes in customer behavior, it’s become more and more important to tell your story, it’s all about informing, convincing and engaging your customers in their moment of need. Whether it’s when they’re actively searching for your products or services or are simply doing their research on a potential buy you want to be there providing them with any relevant information they might need.

How Can it Benefit Your Business?

An effective content marketing strategy can help on multiple fronts - bring in traffic to the site, help SEO (search-engine optimisation), boost credibility, and increase conversions. These benefits are often less immediate than other marketing ventures but the continuous, gradual growth in these areas means that a content strategy is one of the most important parts of any marketing strategy. 

Cost and Return

Like all marketing ventures, content marketing is an investment. As such, you have to be sure the return that you’re making, is worth the cost put in. In content marketing, the main cost is time - planning, writing, proofing, syndicating etc. Without a strategy, conscious thought, and a bit of expertise, it is easy for this time to go to waste. At Together Digital, we approach all our content strategy decisions with a cost vs return mindset.

Long-Term Benefits

When a domain is being regularly updated with new content, search engines such as google will give it a high ‘domain authority’ and it will be crawled and indexed by search-bots more often. Regularly posting content also presents more opportunities to build backlinks to your site and gives you a chance to load your site with relevant keywords to improve your SEO rankings - for example on this page, we have used the term ‘content marketing’ 5 times already, not including meta tags.

Long-Term Benefits

Creating a Strategy

Creating a content marketing strategy that will get you results is not a simple task. We use keyword research, competitor research, content-gap auditing, persona development amongst others to put together content strategies for our clients in order to produce measurable results.

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