Web Design Trends that Help to Increase Conversions

Web Design Trends that Help to Increase Conversions

Web Design Trends that Help to Increase Conversions
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Hugh McHugh
Hugh McHugh 12 Jan 2016

Usability, User Experience, User Interaction are all design trends that really took off over the last couple of years. 2016 is going to be a year where it’s simply necessary to embed these conventions into the design of every page on your website. Here are some design tips and tricks to help you increase those enquiries and interactions.

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Split Screen Layouts


If you’re targeting different audiences, split screen is the way to go if you want to lead a particular group of clients to the right landing page quickly. Use split screen layouts if you users have very different needs, they require different types of content or require separate navigation titles.

Click To Action Buttons that Stand Out

Your CTA Buttons should stand out in contrast to the background colours. This will make your clients want to click and potentially convert.



Video has become a crucial attribute to every brand’s image. Whether it’s a   testimonial video, promotional or corporate it’s the first step to establishing client’s trust.


Personalised Experiences

There are lots of data crunching tools out there now that provide you with huge insights into how your different customers interact with your site. You can now tailor what content your user sees from their location, buying preferences, and browsing activities. Make the clients feel special by correctly personalising the content that they view. Examples of companies that are doing it right: Spotify, Amazon, Facebook…


Single Column CTA (Call-to-Action)

Separating your CTA’s from other navigation bars will gain user’s attention and generate clicks. Make sure you have plenty of space around it, this allows your user to focus on this element.


We hope these tips help you to understand how to leverage design to increase the level of enquiries and conversions to your site. Great UX design on websites, helps users to find information quickly, makes it easier to use and delightful to interact with. Whatever design tactics you decide to employ, make sure that they are in line with the overall strategic direction and goals for your website. Remember, the design is only good if it delivers the results you need.

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