Learn Inbound - 10th Event!

Learn Inbound - 10th Event!

Learn Inbound - 10th Event!
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 28 Jul 2017

On July 19th our marketing team attended Learn Inbound quarterly event. However, this event was a special one as it was their 10th event. And yet again, the speaker, the atmosphere and the new learnings did not disappoint us.

The first Speaker up was

Cara Harshman, Former Content Marketing Manager at Optimizely


Cara’s topic for the night was website personalisation and how this can bring your marketing efforts and results to a new level. According to Cara, when it comes to personalisation you should know two things: who are you personalising for and what are you showing them.

The who is obvious, these are the users with a specific need that deserve a unique experience when browsing your website. When personalising for these users you should consider:

  • The Context: what is so special about this user? Are they looking for something specific?
  • Behaviour: what are they doing?
  • Demographics: who are they - how old are they, where do they live and even what company they work for.

On the other hand, when it comes to what you show them, consider these items:

  • The Location: Where on the page is the experience?
  • Content: What is the message you want to get across
  • Measure: Is it working?

Her main tip on how to succeed with personalising your website is- don't create too many audiences. You’ll only confuse yourself and run out of content. Businesses should really evaluate if they need personalisation. We can all agree that it’s fun but really think if it’s valuable for your business and the goals you’re trying to achieve.

The next speaker up was

Angie Schottmuller, Growth Marketing Advisor


Angie’s speech gave us an insight into an ongoing challenge: should marketers dive deeper into a speciality or broaden their knowledge across disciplines? According to Angie, there are only 4 obstacles that are stopping every aspiring growth marketer:

1. HiPPO’s & Egos

This stands for ‘Highest Paid Person's Opinion’. Angie outlined the best way to deal with this kind of people, who value their opinion higher than any other teammates. Here’s one way how to deal with them :

  • Humble - Try to understand other parties opinion
  • Inquire - make sure there are no surprises. Inform them about what’s going on
  • Pilot - Steer the parties in the right direction
  • Prepare - This goes without saying. Prepare as best as you can using quantitative, qualitative and competitive data.
  • Objectify - Keep your focus on business objectives. Don’t get personal

2. Prioritise

Save yourself and your team time, energy and money. Too many options and goals will more than certainly lead to loss of focus. Carry out an priorities audit. See what time you have and which goals are most important to you and your team.

3. Miscommunication

The third point that stops teams from growing is miscommunication. This is where the business should change their thinking and switch their focus from “ What am I trying to achieve” to “ What is the goal of my team?”. Also, setting realistic expectations will help your team grow. Angie presented some useful tools that can help you do that. For example, Hero Shot Scorecards .

4. Weak Engagement / Morale

The final point of Angie’s presentation was all about boosting your team’s morale. Whether it was through learning incentives or getting to know your team activities. It’s important to remember that your team is your first customer!

After a short break, we returned to our last speaker 

Kieran Flanagan, VP of Marketing at Hubspot


The last speaker of the night focused on finding the right channel fit and how to acquire users that stay. Kieran pointed out a very well known fact, “Growth is getting hard. We’re faced with smarter and faster competitors”. So how do we keep growing? The answer is simple, we need to adapt our marketing and sales plans to the way people communicate. 

For this, we will need to create predictable growth. When launching a product there are 3 fits:

  • Product / Market
  • Product / Channel
  • MRR ( Monthly Recurring Revenue) + NPS ( Net Promoter Score)

How to do you figure which channel is working for you? Kieran suggested a simple tool that could help you out- Acquisition channel map. It should include things such as:

  • Acquisition Channel - Paid, Content etc…
  • Channel Type
  • How scalable the channel is
  • How predictable it is
  • How easy it is
  • And what’s the current growth potential

Once you have these set up you need to figure out how to measure the acquisition efforts? The answer is simple, create monthly score cards. You can find an example of a score card here

The next Learn Inbound event takes place on 1st of November in the Mansion House and it’s a full day event that we are already looking forward to!

Photo Credit : Learn Inbound on Facebook

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